PS3 Move On the Cheap

You may be interested in picking up a Playstation Move today from GameStop. Not only can you get it for 25% off (bringing it to ~$38) with free shipping, but you will also be grabbing what looks to be a free $25 reloadable debit card from American Express. See the details below!

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Gamestop is offering Playstation 3 Move Controller + $25 AMEX PASS Card for $38 and free shipping after applying coupon codes 25ACC & SAVER. Thanks Mtiger
Note, passcard is a reloadable AMEX Giftcard. A code and instructions on how to receive your $25 bonus will be emailed within 2 business days.

On the Frontlines of Writing Halo - Joseph Staten - Austin GDC 2010

On the Frontlines of Writing Halo - a Ten Year Whirlwind

It’s likely that if you’re a fan of games, you at least know some details concerning the Halo universe Bungie created. If you’re a fan of interactive writing, you probably know a few of the top names in the industry. But who knows what it was really like creating the story of the first Halo game (“Halo: Combat Evolved”) outside of Bungie? As of now, a crowd of about a hundred people in attendance at the Game Developer’s Conference in Austin do, but it’s high time someone let the cat out of the bag.
Joeseph Staten is a creative lead at Bungie, and is responsible for a majority of the Halo lore. I’m going to discuss the big mistakes and lesson’s learned from his perspective, with a bit of my own opinions (amateur as they may be) on the topic of writing fiction for a game universe.


3D Likened to an Experiment by Microsoft's Phil Spencer

According to this article on via CNN, Microsoft’s VP Phil Spencer thinks 3D on TVs is currently a pie-in-the-sky proposition:

"For better or for worse, people just don't really have TVs in their house right now that are going to do 3D in a way that's going to work.”
“I like the 3DS, you don't have to wear the glasses."

I happen to agree in this particular case. Sony is pushing too hard to get this tech into consumer’s homes so soon after the advent of HDTV. Eventually, someone is going to make a large scale 3DS for the home, with a passable viewing angle for multiple game participants. At that time, I can see 3D taking off in the home on a large scale. As of now, it’s relegated to being a gimmick.