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CryptoCast #57

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The cow says, “Late to the party? Moo are you talking about?

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Recorded on January 23rd, 2010
"Games and news from developer's, player's, and importer's perspectives"

Hey! It’s been a while since we’ve had a podcast! Let’s do one!

1) Angry Birds (Android)
2) Castle Crashers (Xbox 360)

1) Plants Vs. Zombies (360)

1) Plants Vs. Zombies (360)
2) Game Dev Story (iPhone/iPod Touch, also available for Android devices)
3) Zen Pinball 2 (360) - New 4-table set, Marvel set (Spiderman, Wolverine, Blade, Iron Man)
4) Angry Birds (Android - Droid X)

News and Interesting Articles
1) - The Global Game Jam is coming up this week! If you’ve got some skills, and feel like staying up all weekend long, find your local GGJ center and go participate.  Go on, make a game in just over 48 hours!
2) Occurring the same weekend as the GGJ mentioned above is this: - Fami-Mode 2011 is an ongoing annual chiptune show held in Japan.  There’s a video in the article so you can get a feel for the show, and check out just how badass the t-shirts are!  I wish I had one now.
3) - If the huge list of IGF entrants dumbified you, check this link for the finalists in all categories, kindly reposted by TIGSource.
4) From Japan: - Looks like the game Acquire has been teasing with random boxer shorts laying around Akihabara is actually a Vampire-focused, action/adventure title based in the electronics area of Tokyo.  Weirdness!  Especially this screenshot (is what I think really what’s happening here?!):  
5) - You’ve heard of the indie sensation Minecraft, you’ve heard of Microsoft’s Kinect.  Put them together, and you get Minekinect!  No, that’s not true.  But you do get some really interesting moving statues inside your Minecraft world.  You always wanted to be a videogame character, and now you can go one step further and be a videogame MONUMENT!

Box of Random Crap!  You’ll get a box with up to 5 random craps in it.  Like it or don’t like it; it’s not our problem! ^_^  

We’re taking a page from’s book, and making three random BOC’s available out of our own stash of crap.  Something valuable may be in one of the three boxes, but who knows?!

To win: write us an email and make up some crap about something.  We’ll pick a winner based on creativity.

NOTE: You will be disqualified if you include glitter in your email.  Don’t do it.

Pam's Entirely Random Wink of the LEEK
“It’s a TRAP!”, exclaimed random actor number one.
To which Lucas replied, “No no no!  The line is ‘It’s a SNACK!’  Somebody get him out of here... NEXT!”

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