Back to the Future Ep. 1 for FREE

Couple of deals you need to jump on, only one of which is indie related, but SUPER awesome of Telltale!

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Get the first episode of Back to the Future 100% free!
NOTE: The episode will not be out until December. This just guarantees you a download when it’s up. Deal came from Slickdeals forum post

Also on offer, grab Super Street Fighter IV for the PS3 for less than $22 bucks on Amazon. Click here.


Back to the Future!


If you’re on the Telltale Games mailing list, you’ll already have seen they’ve launched their Back to the Future website. Hover board your way to their site and watch some “making of” video bits: Christopher Lloyd is included!!

Note: Make sure you turn off the background music while watching the videos. The button is in the top right-hand corner of the site.


Have Questions About Game Development?

It’s entirely possible you’ve never seen this site before, and if you happen to be interested in the complexities of game development (mostly code- and math-related), go check out

Thanks to
marksim on Twitter for the link!


Snag Video Games Live Level 2 on Blu Ray


Never quite managed to make it out to a VGL show? Now you can own the show and show your friends just how cultured you are!
Grab Video Games Live “Level 2” on Blu-ray+DVD combo for just under $15.00! Nab it