On the Frontlines of Writing Halo - Joseph Staten - Austin GDC 2010

On the Frontlines of Writing Halo - a Ten Year Whirlwind

It’s likely that if you’re a fan of games, you at least know some details concerning the Halo universe Bungie created. If you’re a fan of interactive writing, you probably know a few of the top names in the industry. But who knows what it was really like creating the story of the first Halo game (“Halo: Combat Evolved”) outside of Bungie? As of now, a crowd of about a hundred people in attendance at the Game Developer’s Conference in Austin do, but it’s high time someone let the cat out of the bag.
Joeseph Staten is a creative lead at Bungie, and is responsible for a majority of the Halo lore. I’m going to discuss the big mistakes and lesson’s learned from his perspective, with a bit of my own opinions (amateur as they may be) on the topic of writing fiction for a game universe.