GDC 2011: More About PlayStation Suite


Right now, if you want to make a game for the PlayStation3, you need to spend tens of thousands of dollars on an expensive development kit. That same thing holds true, even if you just want to make some casual titles or PlayStation Minis! It’s a different story for making PSP games as the devkit is quite a bit cheaper at $1500, but you’re still out of luck if you’re short on cash. Luckily, Sony has seen the light (and the money signs), and is going to open the PS Vita as well as a few other platforms for use by the casual and low-budget indie developer. I suppose I could have titled this “Garage Development Comes to the Masses,” but that’s already been done by the likes of XBox Live Indie Games, the PC and (last but not least) the short list of Apple iOS devices. We heard about this new “hardware neutral” development environment in January of this year, but what does Sony plan to do with PlayStation Suite? Read on... Read More...

We're at GDC this week!

At least two of us are at GDC for some amount of time this week. We’ll be taking in as many sessions as we can, and hopefully scoring a few interviews as well! Keep your eyes peeled on this space while we get up to speed with this whole “blog” thing as a news receptacle.